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Do you want to be fit and healthy? It is not possible without joining a gym. At Gym South Melbourne, you will enjoy our boot camp, yoga classes and personal fitness training services in South Yarra. We have proven track record in customer support as well as rich in experience. You have great opportunity to choose them in your area. We will provide assistance by introducing different services to achieve your fitness goal. Your fitness is their preference. Our trainers can help on any types of fitness goal either muscles gain, bodybuilding, weight loss and others.  We perform their services in South Yarra for the convenience of the members.At Gym South Melbourne, we aim to offer excellent quality gym facilities for the inexpensive fee. We believe cost should not be a hurdle to achieve fitness benefits. It should be easy for everyone to perform fitness activities to improve vitality, wellness and health. We assure you for their high-quality of services in your area. You will enjoy a memorable experience of fitness here because they give assurance of their excellence.

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  • Workout exercise
  • fitness exercise
  • Spa treatment
  • Steam exercise

We help you with our certified personal trainers. Our gym is well-equipped with modern technology as per the requirement of the members and motivation for workout with effective training. Gym is well-equipped with perfect security system that fulfills all needs of surveillance and monitoring.  Gym-equipment is innovative that is able to give instant result with efficiency.In fact, all our services are entirely customized to suit your all fitness needs or requirements. Our focus is to create non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere at the gym. As a beginner, we want you to feel special. Our Gym into program delivers the basic steps to exercises. For improvers, we provide alternative and new training options which stretch your capabilities. We provide all the facilities in the gym that are important to make you comfortable. We make your workout is very different because our fitness trainers mix crossfit with the traditional lifting. It makes you feasible with the workout to attain fitness. Our aims to get fitness depend on the 6 workouts. Our focus is to do full body movement.