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At Gym South Melbourne, you can avail the best fitness. Now you can avail our professional gym training in Albert Park. Our group fitness classes are something that is the right source to provide you complete assistance to target your fitness goal. Here, you can work out with personal trainers. They will guide you by doing new techniques in supportive and secure environment. Demonstrations and Routines experienced in a class is prime source of tips and ideas when you do exercise in the gym or alone. In Albert Park, at Gym South Melbourne, you will enjoy the free huge range of free instructor LED classes. These are quite different from the traditional ones. You can browse the timetable and find out more information. Each class or program contains an estimated calorific burn, video clip, image, instructor profile and description. You can avail these programs In Albert Park at Gym South Melbourne.

  • Health Club with innovative fitness programs
  • Ladies Gym with lightweight and durable devices for an easy workout
  • Gents Gym with all our modern workout devices.
  • Personal training
  • Weight loss training
  • Boot camp & yoga classes

All these programs are designed to offer more cutting edge and diverse trainings. To increase your body metabolism; our instructors pay attention on the routine workout as well as your diet. They do great effort to boost your energy to do heavy workout. They will not take your to the tough routine because it will discourage you. You are free to hit gym as per your convenience. The exercises 6 days in a week, is very tough for those who have very busy schedule. Our instructors will give you a wonderful workout program that contains several practices including weight lifting, reps and others. This program is great to offer you a wonderful muscular look. To increase stamina the heavy workout is an incredible way for muscle gaining. In Albert Park, at Gym South Melbourne, we are well-equipped with modern workout machines. These items are highly wonderful for many reasons. These are extremely dynamic due to unique configuration and high quality. Take your time in searching the website and be sure to get the best deal.